Frequently asked questions

What are the Natural Soap made from?

Sodium Palmate*, Sodium Kernelate*, Aqua, Fragrance, Vegetable Glycerine, Sodium Chloride, HEDP, EDTA, Organic Colour Pigments, Titanium Dioxide May also contain natural botanicals

*RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) Certified Sustainable Ingredients

Use natural soy wax and cotton wicks

How long do the Handmade Soap last?

All handmade soaps benefit from cooler rather than a warmer environment but humidity is the enemy. Products should always be out of direct sunlight (never displayed in windows for example). Heat and oxidation will affect the product. Technically, soap will keep for years if stored correctly. We have the experience to keep 2 soap bars almost 13 years old perfectly which good to be used. All the ingredients are premium quality materials. The formula of handmade soap contains raw honey and this will not make a soap more as hard as commercially made. That is the general question that the users firstly queried about. In normal case, the 125g hand made soap can last at least a month for a person who take shower once a day. The natural fragrance will fade out gradually after opened and washed.

Is the packaging use earth friendly material?

The shrinkwrap for natural soap is biodegradable and plastics such as caps, containers, packing tape used only as a very last resort if we cannot obtain a glass, paper or tin alternative container.

Plastic is also the number one environmental pollution curse. TasNature do not use plastic containers except for bottle caps and inserts, where we have no choice. Packaging is in amber glass (not plastic) and we use recycled paper materials/boxes.

Is TasNature soap PH balanced?

Yes, our soap PH level of around 9 which means the bar is very mlld and gentle to the skin.

What are the benefits of TasNature soap bars?

Of course, you are getting the most affordable natural soap made with the highest quality ingredients but you are also getting spa-quality soap. Once you feel the rejuvenating and creamy lather coupled with the incredible luscious fragrance you will think that you’re in paradise. However, the soft and smooth skin that is moist and supple is the ultimate result. For the skin that require further treatment, the handmade soap series will be the ultimated choice.

Vegan Soap?

TasNature understands the need for high quality, natural soap in the Vegan community. Although natural soap is available in grocery stores and other retail shops, most is not of very good quality. We only use the finest ingredients such as sustainable palm oils, Shea butter and Vanilla beans. Of course, we never use chemicals, detergents or animal products like sodium tallowate (processed animal fat) in our Vegan soap. You can rest assured that all of our natural soap is perfect for the Vegan home and lifestyle. When you buy our Vegan soap, you will also be going green. From the sustainable palm oils that we use down to the biodegradable packaging. As the main ingredient for handmade soap is Leatherwood Beewax or Manuka Beewax, we cannot claim the handmade series as Vegan Soap.

Animal testing on products?

Animal testing feels so out-dated and cruel that many people are surprised to learn that lots of the big name products on our supermarket shelves and in our department store cosmetic counters are STILL being tested on animals.But the good news is that all the products in TasNature are cruelty-free. We embrace an animal-friendly way of life!





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